Physical Access Control
Systems Solutions

Visitor Management System

● Ease of direct Access to invited(pre-registered)
visitors without personnel confirmation,
● Taking Record in a less than 10 seconds with
visit photo and information
● The Institution stores the data in accordance
with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
● Stored data are automatically deleted by the
system at the end of specified periods.

Visitor Management System / Security Staff Interface

● Suggestions of previously saved
● Automatically fills in information of
approaching vehicle with Vehicle
License Plate Recognition System
● Invited (pre-registered) visitors

Visitor Management System / Visited Staff Interface

Personnel can pre-register for their own visitors

Personnel Visitor Pre-registration Interface


Personnel Visitor Entry-Exit Notification Interface

Notifications are sent to the personnel via SMS,E-mail and Mobile

Application about their visitors

Visitor Management System/ Reports

● Statistical reports of pre-registrations and pre-registrations to visit
● Realized visits are instantly reflected to security personnel interface

Campus Vehicle Access Control System

● User and visitor transitions; to be
followed instantly via the interface with
vehicle-plate images
● Not defined vehicles are denied to
● Can be applied Access rules by
creating user groups
● Adding a ban for certain period of time
to users who violate the rules.

Parking lot management system

● Parking permit management with RFID Tags
and plate recognition system
● Use of based/metered access automation
● Occupancy signaling and barrier
● Automatic payment calculation between
check-in and check-out times
● Payment system through credit card via
mobile phones



High-security Area Management Solutions

● Time Limited Access Control Rules
● By integrating the system with IP cameras;
transitions can be recorded with their photos
● The pass can be forced with multiple
● Instant switch notifications


Building Access Control Solutions

● Hierarchical (Department/Building based)
Control Access Management
● Accessibility for users via smart phones
without the need for cards
● Sketch of the Building Usage



Online ID Management Solutions

● Users can apply for ID (vehicle
stamp,mifare/proximity card, mobile identity) with
their own information in digital environment
● Automatic authorities can be defined by manager’s
● Track of payments with POS integration
● With the help of Report system, you can keep
records without the need for crowded document



Dining Hall / Social Area Management Software

● You can easily manage charges for the use
of social areas, sport facilities, sauna, music
rooms and etc.
● You can authorize charged and time limited
usages for users
● Automatic daily/weekly/monthly reports




Benefits of Access Control System for your institution

Helps to the decision support mechanism

By recording all entrance point; can be
reported, can be taken managerial
decisions according to their intensity.
Resources can be planned correctly.

Provides Human Resource savings

You can enable your defined
users to make all their transitions
with automation system. You can
save on the number of security
personnel in charge by making
visitor records much faster and easier.

Time management

Confirmation Calls made by the security
guards for visitors, are made automatically
through the system. Visitors pass through the
door faster and safer.

Increases security level

Can be provided space for
security-oriented work by reducing work
on security personnel. Can be created a
reference system by enabling the
personnel of the institutions to
pre-register for their visitors. Can be
created alarm for blacklist.


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We provide face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint, finger vein, smart card and smart mobile device authentication solutions.

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- Biometric Recognition

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- Entry-exit management

- Border security

- National identity

- Immigration control

- Sentiment analysis

- Public transport payment and shopping payment solutions.


Biometric Identity Authentication Technology to protecting authenticity and confidentiality.

Face Recognition

Iris Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition

Finger Vein Recognition

Smart Card Recognition

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Biometric Access Control Solutions

Face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint, finger vein print, biometric, smart card or mobile device solutions. Our products and softwres are Integrated with security points such as turnstiles, barriers, doors and others.

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